Download Instagram Videos and Photos

Instagram, the popular social media app, has converted the way we connect, share, and engage with visible content. From photos and videos to reels, tales, and IGTVs, users throughout the globe take part in this vibrant digital community. Even as customers can interact with posts through likes and comments, a massive limitation of Instagram is its inherent incapability to facilitate the direct downloading of this various content onto customers' devices.

because the demand for a continuing and efficient method to download Instagram media grows, a plethora of downloaders emerge on the net. The task lies in selecting the most effective choice from this array of choices. in this digital panorama, Saveinsta emerges as a standout solution, presenting top-tier exceptional and user-friendly features for downloading Instagram media.

About iGram

iGram is a software designed to empower users to download a spread of Instagram content, along with videos, reels, photographs, and more. What sets iGram aside is its compatibility with various gadgets, making sure a sincere downloading method for both phones and desktops. The icing on the cake? Users can revel in the capabilities of iGram without incurring any charges. It's a free and accessible solution for Instagram enthusiasts.

How To Download The Videos From Instagram

Copy the URL

Copy the URL

Begin by accessing the Instagram application or website, and copy the URL of the desired photo, video, carousel, or IGTV content.

Paste the link

Paste the Link

Return to iGram, seamlessly paste the copied link into the designated field, and click the Download button.



Witness the magic unfold as iGram promptly presents the results, complete with multiple quality options. Choose the version that aligns with your preferences and requirements.

Features of iGram's

iGram boasts an array of features, making it a comprehensive and user-centric online service for downloading media. Key features include:

Instagram Reels Downloader

Dive into the world of Instagram reels, downloading your favourite content directly to your device using iGram's reels downloader.


Instagram Videos Downloader

Unlock the ability to download videos from Instagram effortlessly, with compatibility across various devices.


Instagram IGTV Downloader

Preserve lengthy IGTV videos for offline viewing, ensuring you don't miss out on any valuable content.


Instagram Photos Downloader

Access single and multiple images from Instagram posts, enabling users to download photos directly to their phone galleries.


Carousel / Album Downloader

iGram offers the feature to get carousel posts on Instagram. It is simple to get all the important posts on Instagram. For those moments when photos are presented in album format, iGram allows users to download these albums without incurring any charges.


How To Download iGram ?

iGram app is also available for you. Users can download the app on their device. Follow the given instructions.

  • First, you must know about your compatible phone with the iGram app.
  • All the latest versions of Android and iOS devices are compatible with this app.
  • From the given link download the iGram.
  • You can easily get the link from this website.
  • Now wait until the downloading is complete.

How To Install iGram?

Here is the installation process of this app and users can install the app conveniently on their phone.

  • Locate the iGram APK file from your downloading section.
  • Launch the app to install it.
  • Follow the commands that appear on the display screen and select the language.
  • The setup system takes a while.
  • When the setup of the iGram app is entire, create an account or check in together with your account information.
  • Eventually, you'll get the iGram App correctly to your tool.


iGram stands as a reliable and efficient platform for downloading Instagram media. Boasting a simple and user-friendly process, users can effortlessly download a variety of content, including photos, reels, videos, and IGTVs. With its array of services offered free of charge and without limitations, iGram has cemented its position as a go-to choice for Instagram enthusiasts. Dive into the world of iGram, where downloading Instagram media is not just a process; it's an experience.


Q. What Is iGram?

iGram is an online tool accessible through your browser, designed to facilitate the easy downloading of media from Instagram.

Q. How safe is it to use this app?

Yes, your Android phone is safe and secure while using this app.

Q. Which devices support iGram?

As an online tool, iGram is compatible with any device equipped with a browser, including Android, iPhone, PC, tablet, etc.

Q. Is there any limit to downloading videos from iGram?

Enjoy the freedom of unlimited downloads; there are no limitations on the number of videos users can download.

Q. How can we download it from iGram?

To download Instagram videos and photos online, simply copy the content link, paste it in the designated place on iGram, and tap to download.

Q. Can any Instagram user download photos and videos?

Users must select the URL link of the photo and videos on Instagram and download it through iGram.